• Want to know who your customers are? Which socio-economic status do your customers belong to?
  • What cultural level and lifestyle do your customers have?
  • What kind of novelties do Your customers expect from Your company?
  • Will they be loyal to your company in future? What makes them loyal?
  • What they want?
  • Want to customize future plans for products and services?

  1. Segmentation is mainly generated as the result of Face-to-Face interviews in front of point of sale or questioning your product consumers
  2. Demographic, geographic and psychographic characteristics of respondents are collected and evaluated
  3. This study is usually conducted via tablets

* Segmentation study is evaluated using a specially designed by Era questionnaire (for Azerbaijan market)

By using this methodology, the following will be obtained:

  • Demographic data
  • Geographic data
  • Psychographic characteristics 
  • Buying pattern
  • Creditworthiness
  • Purchase and usage history
  • Loyalty
  • Expectations