Product Tests

  • Will your product find its place in the market and what will be its position?
  • What positive & negative reactions do the consumers show towards your new product?
  • Would the consumers like to see changes in your new product & what type of changes they would they like to see?
  • Are your customers willing to choose your rival company?

  1. Product Test can be conducted through via Focus Group Discussions or Face to Face interviews
  2. The product is evaluated by respondents after its trial
  3. This project is usually conducted in the ERA’s specially designed Focus Group room (one-way mirror)


* Product Test is evaluated using a specially designed by ERA questionnaire  (for Azerbaijan market)

By using this methodology, the following will be obtained:

  • Design and packaging
  • Features and quality
  • Pros and Cons
  • Suggestions and feedback
  • Demographic data