Advertising Effectiveness

  • Do you wonder if your advertising is attractive to consumers?
  • Do you want to learn consumers’ opinion of your competitors’ advertising?
  • Does your advertising increase brand awareness?
  • Does your advertising stimulate consumption?
  • How does your advertisement influence brand image?
  • What changes would consumers like to see?

  1. Target audience is offered to evaluate advertisement materials, such as video clips or concepts, posters and etc.
  2. Predesigned questions are asked to identify level of awareness, knowledge, changes, likes/dislikes and factors influencing the brand image
  3. This study is usually conducted via tablets


* Advertising Effectiveness is evaluated using a specially designed by Era questionnaire (for Azerbaijan market)

By using this methodology, the followings will be obtained:

  • Brand awareness
  • Ad recall
  • Liked and disliked about advertisement
  • Preferences
  • Suggestions and feedback
  • Demographic data