Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

  • Are you not able to set the right price?
  • You think that your product could be sold at a higher price, but you don’t want risk?
  • In comparison with competitors your offered prices which are much more lower, but the sales indicators are not as expected?

  1. Identification of actual price of the product by using special methodology
  2. Comparison via cards (between brands) and Westendorp Model 
  3. This study is usually conducted via tablets
  4. Also, market data is collected through State Statistics Committee and from market experts
  5. Data Department implements various type of analysis such as GAP – satisfaction and importance and Westendorp Price Sensitivity


* Price study is conducted and analysed using a specially designed by Era questionnaire (for Azerbaijan market)

By using this methodology, the followings will be obtained:

  • Demographic data
  • Spontaneous and aided brand awareness
  • Brand position against competitors
  • Brand image (indexes)
  • Strong and weak sides
  • The highest and lowest product price that can be offered
  • Expectation and satisfaction levels of consumers