The product of the ERA Marketing Center - WebERA is the first and exclusive tool in Azerbaijan that measures and analyses the internet audience.

WebERA consists of two main parts, which are the following:

1.  Analysis of the Internet Advertising campaigns audience:

  • Analysis of web-sites’ visitors and their social-demographic profile
  • Representative panel comprised of the inhabitants of Baku and regular internet users
  • Used devices are laptops, desktop computers, tablet and mobile phones
  • Analysis and monitoring of all internet resources/websites (local or foreign)

Special application filters and analyses the following media indicators:

  • coverage
  • target group 
  • time spend on the website
  • sessions 
  • number of devices of real users
  • Affinity index and etc.

2.  Monitoring of Ad campaigns’ effectiveness: 

  • Evaluation of media advertising campaigns' target audience
  • Advertising audience tracking
  • Product and services advertising categories
  • Full report of advertising contacts
  • Market share in internet media market
  • Dynamic indicators for each hour or for customized time
  • Effectiveness of the used ad platform
  • Evaluation of the final data received by target audience
  • Customer profile of each user
  • Evaluation of competition effectiveness rate

Features of WebERA project are the followings:


The report is presented within 3-5 days at the beginning of the next month.

Opportunity to monitor the market dynamics

Since this project is conducted regularly, clients will be able to track the market dynamics and trends.

Specially designed WebERA application

Specially designed application makes it convenient to use data. This application allows visualizing data in the form of charts and graphics, and helps to come up with solid media strategy planning.


In order to create the representative user-panel, we conducted 1500 interviews in Baku. To cover all regions of Baku 1000 regular internet users have been selected.

Customer Service

To make data analysis ERA provides the clients with continuous support and training services.

Quality Control

ERA is recognized as a leading research company in Azerbaijan which assures the clients of the highest possible qualitative information.