ERA Marketing Center has started implementing the programme of Merchandising Control (M-Track) since 2014. 

   This programme helps our clients to track in-store campaigns, product availability, and compliance with required standards as well as to get competitive information.  

   In order to realize this programme ERA has developed special M-Track Software Android based application. Our trained Tracker collects and inputs data to our specially designed M-Track Software. Using the findings of this project will provide you with following opportunities:

  • Control Module - all questions have to be answered (system doesn't allow to skip an unanswered question)

  • Image report - at least 1 picture must be taken (compulsory)

  • GPS Module - recording GPS coordinates of completed store (survey)

  • Offline Module - interviews are conducted throughout the day without any network failures, but uploading the data to server occurs at end of the day 

    Considering that services of ERA Marketing Center are available not only in Azerbaijan, our M-Track project (software) is currently being implemented in the neighbouring countries, too.