TGI Azerbaijan

        In 2006 ERA Marketing Center obtained license for the production and sales of the TGI (Target Group Index) project in Azerbaijan through the British company - BMRB International (British Market Research Bureau). TGI is a fast-growing, global network of single-source market research surveys conducted in 67 countries of the world since 1960. 

      The findings of TGI will help you to:
  • develop marketing strategies
  • identify strategic media channels
  • plan communication with your consumers
  • analyse brand development effectiveness

Product categories covered in TGI Azerbaijan: 

  • Soft drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Food
  • Media and internet
  • House cleaning products
  • Telecommunication
  • Computer and home appliances
  • Transport
  • Life style
  • Dairy products
  • Snacks
  • Confectionery products
  • Bank and Insurance
  • Personal care products


Information you will get from TGI Azerbaijan

    Brand Information

  • Qualified awareness; 
  • Brand share; 
  • Consumption volume (per separate categories); 
  • Loyalty (more frequent consumption); 
  • Factors impacting the choice of specific brand; 
  • Exclusive usage; 
  • Repertoire of consumption; 
  • Competitive environment 

     Product category information:

  • Market size; 
  • Consumption Frequency; 
  • Consumption Volume (per separate categories); 
  • Main places of consumption; 
  • Variant / type preference 
  • Package / wrapping preference; 
  • Points of purchase; 
  • Average expenses (monthly) 

    Information about lifestyle of consumers:      

    250 life style statements about consumers' habits, interests, attitudes; purchase habits; attitudes towards Mass Media and commercials, as well as: 

  • Frequency of attending cultural-entertaining events 
  • Sport interests, favorite sport clubs 
  • Trips throughout the country and abroad, tourism 
  • Hobbies (collecting special items, purchasing books, watching video etc) 
  • Consumer Psycho-graphic profiles

    Information about media preferences of consumers and shoppers

  • TV 
  • Radio
  • Press 
  • Outdoor (streets, avenues, highways, etc.) 
  • Metro/Subway
  • Internet 

    Information about socio-demographic characteristics

  • Age and gender 
  • Educational level 
  • Position and field of occupation  
  • Income level and financial status 
  • Social classes corresponding to ESOMAR standards 
  • Living conditions including property 
    Features of TGI Azerbaijan    


     During the year we conduct two waves of the survey. The first wave starts in October, and the results for the last 6 months are presented to the clients in December-January. The second wave starts in April, and the results for the last 6 months are delivered in June-July.

     Opportunity to monitor the market dynamics

     Since TGI is conducted twice a year clients will be able to track the market dynamics and trends based on the data collected through two waves.

      Specially designed DataArchitect application 

      DataArchitecht analytical software has been designed to make various statistical analysis, such as segmentation, similarity, brand positioning and etc. This application allows to visualise data in the form of charts and graphics, and helps to come up with solid media strategy planning.     


     ERA carries out the interviews based on household sampling covering 850 households and more than 1500 respondents (per wave) of 10-65 ages through self-completion methodology. The sample size covers urban population of 100+ cities (the universe is 8.3 mln people and 1.6 mln households). 


     TGI is implemented in 3 cities of Azerbaijan: a) Baku (1 mln +) b) Sumgayit (150 +) c) Ganja (150 +). The final data will be weighted per population of each strata and per total population of these cities.   


     Questionnaire 1 is for adults ages 16+ y.o. and for key shopper about individual consumption

     Questionnaire 2 is for children ages 10-15 y.o. 


     Our sample size enables to collect the REPRESENTATIVE and WEIGHTED information per Baku, Sumgait and Ganja.

      Additional values of TGI Azerbaijan 

     We deliver findings in:

  • Data base in analytical software program Data Architect 
  • Cross tabulations in Excel 
  • Analytical report with conclusions and graphics in PowerPoint (also models developed as per client request, segmentation, forecasts etc.) 
     Client Service: Constant client support/consultation required for data analysis, follow up assistance.     

   Quality Control: ERA is recognized as the leading research agency that provides high quality control system on the national market.