As a result of many joint projects ERA Marketing Center has built a powerful network, with lots of friends and partners.  Our valuable partners are TOP leading international market research agencies such as İPSOS, GfK, TNS, Futurebright, Nielsen, and Presence. We always share our experience and recommendations with each other. Also, it is possible to involve our partners and experts in any project. 

We frequently cooperate with our foreign experts and involve them in our various projects:

  • Fatih Mutlu is a director of Turkish company - "Net araştırma", who lives and operates in Turkey, Istanbul.
  • There are four experts from the UK - a director at "Change Activators" Nilufar Shariphova and Linda Miller, Dr.Harun Yılmaz, and Catherine Mangan
  •  Natalia Peretrutova is a director at "PERETRUTOVA-creativity in research", who lives and operates in Netherlands