On-the-spot Supervision System

   ERA’s unique and extremely effective, direct on-the-spot supervision system. This system enables ERA to assure its clients of the highest possible quality information.

   On-the spot supervision system consists of 3-4 interviewers and 1 supervisor. This team conducts surveys in predefined by Field Manager zones.

   During the fieldwork, a supervisor not only tracks the questionnaire filling process, but also controls the process of asking questions by interviewers.  

   By using this system, the supervisor can observe 100% of the interviews and check 65% of them during the actual interview process.

   Additionally, the supervisor calls back 25% of conducted interviews and looks through the filled questionnaire.

   Moreover, in case serious inconsistency found by Data Department, the respondent is being contacted and the questionnaire revised accordingly.

   One of key advantages of this system is agile methodology. Every day in the morning and in the evening, whole team gathers and discusses the project findings.

   The interviewers put emphasis on the quality of surveys, rather than quantity.