Focus Group Room


     ERA Marketing Center has designed a specially equipped Focus Group Discussion room since 2003. Focus groups are used by producers of consumer products to gather qualitative data from target groups of consumers; to test consumer reaction to new product concepts and prototypes; to improve some characteristics of product/service; to develop advertising media strategy and etc.

     Facilities and advantages of this specially equipped room are the following:

    One-way mirror – this room is equipped with one-way mirror and makes it comfortable to watch the discussions from another room

     Video recording - Inconspicuous camera allows to record the discussion. It is possible to watch and analyze insights afterwards.

     Audio recording – This room is also equipped with audio recording hardware

     Simultaneous translation  Our experienced interpreters provide simultaneous translation in English or Russian.

     Online Streaming  The client is able to watch FGD from anywhere through via internet connection

     Professional moderator with 15 years of experience  Our moderator is also a Qualitative Research Department Manager and as a result, there is no need for additional comments about her experience